02.2 Benefactive Alternation

abduct accept accumulate acquire appropriate arrange assemble bake blend blow boil book borrow brew build buy cadge call capture carve cash cast catch charter chisel choose churn clean clear coin collect compile compose compute confiscate construct cook cop create crochet cut dance derive design designate develop dig draw earn emancipate embezzle embroider exact exorcise extort extract fabricate fashion favor fetch filch find fix flog fold forge form fry gain gather get grab grill grind grow hack hammer hardboil hatch hire hum ilfer impound indicate inherit invent iron keep kidnap knit lease leave liberate lift light make manufacture mint mix mold nab obtain order organize paint phone pick pinch pirate plagiarize play pluck poach pound pour prefer prepare procure produce pull purchase purloin reach receive recite reclaim recover recreate redeem regain rent repossess rescue reserve retrieve roast roll run rustle save scramble sculpt secure seize select set sew shape shoot sing slaughter smuggle snatch sneak softboil spin sponge steal stitch style swipe take thieve toast toss vote wangle wash weasel weave whistle whittle win winkle withdraw wrest write

From the verb index to Levin 1993.
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