Subject of Question: whistling languages


I'm doing a paper on the whistling language (and maybe the pre-historic languages) of the Canary Islands.
Do you know of any articles, books, etc. on this subject. I haven't been able to find much information.

Apparently, the South American whistling languages have received more attention than "El Silbo Gomera" of the Canary Islands. Hence, not much current research surfaced. Here is what we came up with:

http://www.linguistlist. org/issues/6/6-1319.html

The main reference listed here -- Whistled Languages (1976) -- seems to be the standard reference work for Silbo Gomera. labphon7/abstracts/p37.shtml

This is an abstract of a paper on Silbo Gomera phonology. The paper is due to be published in its entirety, but I couldnít determine when. It says the deadline for submission is Dec. 1, 2000, so it should be relatively soon. Perhaps if you contact the organizing committee members directly you might find out more. Their info is on the main page at /index.shtml, under Organizing Committee.

http://www.linguistlist .org/issues/10/10-490.html

A general listing of whistled language resources. Most are not specifically on Silbo Gomera. There is a good but very short general discussion of how whistled languages function in David Crystalís Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language, as noted. es/7/7-1166.html

Some more general info and resources on whistled languages.

As for older Canarian languages, Guanche seems to be the only language that has survived in any form. This is a pretty obscure topic, so thereís not much help available, at least in English.

This is the ethnologue entry for Guanche, which tells you very little, Iím afraid. ologue/countries/Spai.html#GNC

This is a somewhat cursory, but interesting hypothesis as to the origins of Guanche. It also contains a short overview of Guanche history. Of course, the author is using it to prove the existence of Atlantis somewhere in Southeast Asia. Take with a grain of salt.

The page of a Linguistics professor in Australia. If you look on her c.v. under Papers in Other Languages, youíll see the papers below related to Guanche. You might do well to contact her and ask for some English resources.

1984 'Lybic-Guanche language community as a foundation for ethnic and anthropological parallels between the native speakers', Materials of the Conference on Linguistic Reconstruction and the prehistory of Orient, Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow, pp. 3-5.
1990 (with A.Y. Militaryev) 'Tuareg languages.' Guanche Languages. Ibid.
1991 (with A.Y. Militaryev) 'Lybic-Guanche Languages', pp. 148-266 of Languages of Asia and Africa, vol.IV. Moscow: Nauka.
    (in press)
  • 'East-Berber languages' (24 pp.)
  • 'Beraber languages' (24pp.)
  • 'Kabyle language' (20pp.)
  • 'Shawiya language' (12pp.)
  • 'Tuareg languages' (25pp)
  • 'Ahaggar language' (5pp)
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  • 'Zenaga language' (19pp)
  • 'Shilh languages' (25pp)
  • (with A.Y. Militaryev) 'Guanche languages' (12 pp.)
  • (with A.Y. Militaryov) 'Lybic-Guanche languages' (20pp)
    ... to appear in Languages of the World, Institute of Linguistics, Moscow

Guanche Resources in Other Languages


Title     Monumenta linguae Canariae. Die kanarischen Sprachdenkmäler.
            Eine Studie zur Vorund Frühgeschichte Weissafrikas

Author     Wölfel, Dominik Josef.
Published       Graz, Akademische Druck-und Verlagsanstalt, 1965.
Subject       Guanche language

Spanish estend/guanye.html
Some contemporary Canarian expressions, presumably derived from Guanche.

Title       Guanche.
Author       Nácher, Enrique.  
Published       Barcelona, Ediciones Destino [1957]