Name: Charlie
Country and Region: Michigan
Native Language: English
Student or Teacher: Student
Age or Grade: 2nd grade, 8 years old
Subject of Question: Scientific name of vampire bat--desmodus rotundus

I'm doing my first research report and it's going to be on vampire bats. I
know that the Latin name for these mammals is Desmodus Rotundus, but I do not
know what those words really mean. I guess Rotundus means something like "round"
but what do you suppose Desmodus means? My mom says a linguist willprobably know.

Charlie, "Desmodus" is a compound word meaning "tooth bundle," and "rotundus" is indeed "round."

Put together, it would be something like "round bundle of teeth."

Hope this helps!

Here's a couple websites that might help your research:

-Jon Bakos
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