A Paradigm

Arrange the following twelve English words into a Paradigm.
where, now, thence, whither, hither, then, there, thither, hence, whence, here, when

Some of these words are archaic and are no longer used; others have become metaphors and changed their meaning. This is about the original meanings of these words.

The paradigm has two dimensions, and can be visualized as a 3 X 4 (or a 4 X 3) rectangular array.

Note that this paradigm, like all paradigms, consists of two superimposed arrays, one organized by the forms of the word -- this is the arrangement you can make just by looking at the words, without knowing what they mean -- and one organized by the meanings of the word.

  • How would you label the rows and columns in the form paradigm? In the meaning paradigm?
  • In the form paradigm one box stands out like a sore thumb. What is it? What should it be? Why?