Holiday Recordings


James Kibbie’s annual “audio holiday cards,” recorded on his residence organ

Residence of James Kibbie and Gary Christensen
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Orgues Létourneau
St-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada
Opus 7, 2000

Manual I (58 notes):
Rohrflöte 8'
Principal 4'
Quintflöte 1 1/3'

Manual II (58 notes):
Gedackt 8'
Blockflöte 2'

Pedal (30 notes):
Subbass 16'
Bordun 8'


Mechanical key and stop action

The 2014 Recording

Ernst Pepping (1901-1981)
Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her

Audio engineer: David Lau, Brookwood Studio
® 2014 James Kibbie.

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II: 8’, 2'
Ped: I/Ped: 4’, 1 1/3’

The 2008 Recording

Ernst Pepping (1901-1981)
"Wie soll ich dich empfangen," Vorspiel II

The 2007 Recording

Ernst Pepping (1901-1981)
"Wie soll ich dich empfangen," Vorspiel I

The 2006 Recording

Jan Koetsier (1911-2006)
Partita for English Horn and Organ Manuals, Op. 41, No. 1

Sally Pituch, English Horn
James Kibbie, Organ

The 2005 Recording

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
"Jesus, meine Zuversicht," BWV 728

The 2003 Recording
Larry Visser (b. 1962)
Noel on "Silent Night"2003_Recording.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0

The 2004 Recording

Jehan Alain (1911-1940)
Deuxième Prélude: “Und jetzt”

The 2002 Recording
Hugo Distler (1908-1942)
Variations on "Wo Gott zu Haus nit gibt sein Gunst"2002_Recording.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0

The 2009 Recording

Jehan Alain (1911-1940)
Premier Prélude (Adagio): “Wieder an”

The 2010 Recording

Charles-Marie Widor (1844-1937)
“March of the Night Watchman” from
Bach’s Memento

The 2011 Recording

Jiří Ropek (1922-2005)
“Fantasy on Mozart’s Theme”

The 2012 Recording

Joseph W. Clokey (1890-1960)
Pastorale from “Le Prologue de Jesus”

The 2013 Recording

Jan Koetsier (1911-2006)
Partita on “Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme,” Op. 41/3

David Jackson, Trombone
James Kibbie, Organ