Department of Physics

University of Michigan High Energy Theory Seminar Series

FA 2010 – WN 2011

Organizers: Kathryn Zurek and James Liu

Theory seminars take place on Fridays from 2:30-3:30 pm in 335 West Hall

Winter 2011
January 7
Hai-Bo Yu (Michigan)
Turning off the Lights: How Dark is Dark Matter?
January 14
Matthew Headrick (Brandeis)
Entanglement, information, and holography
Januray 21
Niayesh Afshordi (Perimeter Institute)
Largest and smallest dark matter clusters, and what we can learn from them
January 28
No seminar

Feburary 4
Jure Zupan (Cincinnati)
Minimal Flavor violation and experimental heavy quark anomalies
February 11
Michael Douglas (Stony Brook)
Holographic dual of free field theory
February 18
Henriette Elvang (Michigan)
Symmetry Restrictions of Candidate Counterterms in N=8 Supergravity
February 25
Katrin Becker (TAMU)
Higher derivative D-brane couplings from T-duality and scattering amplitudes
March 4
No seminar – Winter recess
March 11
Jay Wacker (SLAC)
Dipolarity: Using Color Information in Top Tagging
March 18
Erich Poppitz (Toronto)
Deformations, bions, and (de)confinement
March 25
Jay Hubisz (Syracuse)
SUSY digs up a buried Higgs
April 1
David Shih (Rutgers)
Anomalous Dimensions of Double-Trace Operators from AdS/CFT
April 5
Michael Schulz (Bryn Mawr)
T-folds, Doubled Geometry, and the SU(2) WZW Model

12:00-1:00 pm in 3481 Randall
April 8
Ted Jacobson (Maryland)
Aspects of Aethereal Gravity
April 15
George Sterman (Stony Brook)
The t-tbar asymmetry and soft gluons

Fall 2010
September 10
Pearl Sandick (Texas)
Black Holes in our Galactic Halo:
Compatibility with FGST Data and Constraints on the First Stars
September 17
Federico Piazza (Perimeter Institute)
Modifying gravity in the Infra Red by imposing an "ultra-strong" equivalence principle
September 24
Per Berglund (New Hampshire)
Stringy corrections to the Kahler potential, SUSY breaking and the stabilization of (all) Kahler moduli
October 1
Ian-Woo Kim (Michigan)
Algebraic Singularity Methods for Mass Measurements with Missing Energy
October 8
No seminar

October 15
Moira Gresham (Michigan)
Primordial Power Spectra from Anisotropic Inflation
October 22
Brian Wecht (Michigan)
Quantum Field Theory Without Lagrangians
October 29
Frank Petriello (Wisconsin)
Transverse-momentum Resummation from Effective Field Theory
November 5
Zackaria Chacko (Maryland)
A Model-Independent Approach to WIMP Dark Matter
November 12
Radu Roiban (Penn State)
On correlation functions in the AdS/CFT correspondence at strong and weak coupling
November 18
Malcolm Perry (Cambridge)
Generalized Geometry and M theory

12:00-1:00 pm in 3481 Randall
November 19
Elizabeth Simmons (Michigan State)
Axigluons vs. AtFB
November 26
No seminar – Thanksgiving

November 29
Cosimo Bambi (IPMU)
Testing Astrophysical Black Holes

2:30-3:30 pm in 335 West Hall
December 3
Liam McAllister (Cornell)
Supergravity Solutions for Seven-branes
December 10
Ben Gripaios (CERN)
The Race for New Physics

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