Jessica Ruth Hullman

Life In Arts

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Prior to my work in InfoVis, I had a longtime fascination with the humanities and fine arts. My B.A. is in Comparative Studies in Religion, and I hold an M.F.A in Writing and Prose Poetics from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. This was the first explicit step I took toward pursuing poetics seriously, and I was interested in exploring the boundaries of experimention with language (i.e., language poetry and hybrid prose). I ultimately chose not to pursue a writing career based on the largely subjective influence of 'taste' and a belief that most aesthetic production is limited in its ability to interact productively with other disciplines. For those interested in this kind of aesethetic criticism, I recommend Agamben's Man Without Content, a book to which I was introduced by Donald Preziosi, my advisor at Naropa.

During the course of my MFA stint, my critical master's thesis on Bruce Nauman's language works was published by EOAGH Journal of the Arts. I also published a handful of poems and prose pieces, to which I can no longer relate. These include experimental prose written while studying with Bhanu Khapil, poetry and prose written during a workshop with art critic John Yau, prose work written during a workshop with Renee Gladman, work published in Bombay Gin, and work in Hot Whiskey, Summer Stock and a handful of other small journals I no longer remember the names of.