Jordan Huffaker

Purdue University Engineering Student

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My name is Jordan Huffaker and I am an aspiring software developer from Purdue University. I have a particular passion for using software to help people in ways that we could not do otherwise (check out "Professional" to see how I've already done this!). At Purdue I am studying to earn my bachelors in Computer Engineering in hopes that I will be able to develop the skills that I will later use to help people. Outside of school I have expanded my skill set even more through work and project experience. It is my dream that someday, my work will create a more beautiful world.

Professional Experience

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Varian Medical Systems

I worked at Varian in the summer between my Freshman and Sophomore years of college. I was the only software intern working in the Seattle branch of the company at the time. Varian Medical Systems specializes in making particle accelerators for radiation therapy treatment of cancer. The Seattle branch designs a GPS like system that tracks the position of the cancer during a treatment session. I worked on three projects during my time there. The first project was done in C# where I created a way to test fake data on the system by injecting it midway through the pipeline. In my second project, I created a software dashboard. The dashboard is a website that the software team can get progress updates from and project managers can use to gauge team progress. The dashboard was directly integrated into Team Foundation Server and Varian's Sharepoint page. All charts were automatically updated by using MDX queries to populate the data upon opening of the page. In my final project, I used C# to create a tool that would search a set of files for user interface dialogue and populate an excel spreadsheet with that dialogue. The tool makes it easy to view the UI dialogue and translate it into different languages.

Puget Bindery

I worked at the Puget Bindery in the summer between High School and College. This job was a great eye opener as to what life is like without a degree. The Puget Bindery is a book bindery that is located about an hour and a half's commute from where I was living. The hours started early and went long (sometimes starting at 4:00 AM!). The work is hard and tedious manual labor. Most importantly, the work required none of the brain power that I knew I had. Through that experience I became focused on earning my degree and passionate about finding other ways to fill people's needs. Although this work was clearly not for me, I now have a tremendous respect for the people who live and work through the bindery's conditions on a daily basis. The consistency and patience that bindery employees have are qualities that I aspire to gain in myself.

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Project Experience

Windows Phone Developer

I have been programming throughout the majority of my childhood. This has involved working on projects that interest me, but of these, the one that stands out the most is a game I made in high school for the Windows Phone called Rocket Racer. I made the game using the former XNA extension of C# to render the graphics. The rest of the platform I built entirely by myself. The platform features a component model, an event-based system, convex polygon collision, two dimensional physics, and sprite rendering. Check out the video to see the game in action!

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