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Languages and language families on which I have done intensive fieldwork leading to one or more book-length publications are the following, in descending order of importance.

                  Dogon languages, fieldwork in Mali since 2004, ongoing
                  Australian languages (primarily eastern Arnhem Land), fieldwork 1972-76
                  Songhay languages, fieldwork in West Africa chiefly 1989-2004
                  Arabic, fieldwork 1979-1991 on Maghrebi and Hassaniya Arabic, in Africa and Israel
                  Berber, fieldwork on Tamashek (Mali), 2001-3
                  Bangime (isolate, Mali), fieldwork 2006-17, with S. Elders and A. Hantgan
                  Tiefo languages (peripheral Gur, Burkina Faso), fieldwork since 2014, ongoing, with A. Hantgan and A. Ouattara
                  Jalkunan (Mande, Burkina Faso), fieldwork 2015-16

As of this writing I continue to do fieldwork on Dogon languages (Mali) and Tiefo languages (Burkina Faso). I have also begun work on the following:

Mbre (=Pere), apparent isolate in Côte d’Ivoire, with I. Tioté
Jenaama (Bozo) (Mali)

Other languages and language families that I have worked on in the past, resulting in two or more published articles, are these:

                  Uto-Aztecan languages, library study, chiefly 1969-75
                  Choctaw (Muskogean, Mississippi), fieldwork 1972-73
                  Basque, fieldwork and library study, c. 1971

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My reviews on fieldwork-based publications by others, outside of the languages and families listed above, are the following:

      2014            Haiman, John. Cambodian. Linguistic Typology 18(1):148-152.
      2013            Feddes, Sebastian. A grammar of Mian. Linguistic Typology 17(2):327-30.
      2004            Terrill, Angela. A Grammar of Lavukaleve. Anthropological Linguistics 46(4):485-6.
      2002            Newman, Paul & Martha Ratliffe, eds. Linguistic fieldwork. Journal of African Languages and Linguistics 23(1):229-33.
      1994            Mosel, Ulrike & Even Hovdhaugen, Samoan reference grammar. International Journal of Applied Linguistics 4(1):138-40.

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