Tamashek is part of the Tuareg language/dialect group, which constitutes Southern Berber. The Berber languages of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and northern Algeria, along with a few outliers, are often classified together as Northern Berber. I managed to avoid studying any of the Moroccan Berber languages during my Moroccan days, to my (present) regret. In Mali, however, my work on Songhay and Hassaniya Arabic clearly needed a complement in the form of parallel research on Malian Tamashek. I therefore interrupted my other work to intensively study Tamashek. I produced a large reference grammar, a large dictionary, and a short text collection. The fieldwork was done in Timbuktu, Gao, and (briefly) Menaka. Fortunately, I completed this project before northern Mali disintegrated into conflict.

The dictionary joins the illustrious tradition of Tuareg lexicography initiated by the (martyred) Christian missionary Charles de Foucauld in Algeria, and by the Danish linguist Karl-G. Prasse and collaborators on two major varieties spoken in Niger. The grammar brings out the intricate, multi-layered ablaut system.

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