Jeff Heath

I am a field linguist who has worked and published extensively on Australian languages (fieldwork 1972-76), on Maghrebi and Hassaniya Arabic (1977-90), and since 1989 on languages of Mali. In the latter zone I initially worked on Tamashek (Berber) and several Songhay languages. Since 2005 I have directed a team project on Dogon languages of Mali, recently branching into a few languages of SW Burkina Faso. Specific interests include tonosyntax, morphology, cognitive linguistics (especially lexical semantics), cross-linguistic grammatical analysis, and jokes.

With a Tuareg speaker (left) in Timbuktu

Dogon project website (includes flora-fauna guides and images, lexicon search functions, texts, geography with village images, short lexical video clips, and documentary videos)

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unpublished and in-progress articles (some only half-written)

unpublished grammars: Dogon languages

unpublished texts: Dogon languages

unpublished works: Songhay languages (West Africa)

works on Nunggubuyu (Australia) published by AIAS

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