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Research interests

sauropod vertebrae

My primary research focus is in the evolution, diversity, and biomechanics of sauropod dinosaurs, a successful and diverse clade that includes the largest land animals in Earth's history. I am investigating the role of specializations of the vertebral column in enabling sauropods to attain their unique body plan and extreme size. In addition, understanding the functional mechanics of the vertebral column provides insights into sauropod behavior, ecology, and the differences between clades. Read more.

Additionally, I am interested in the diversity and biogeography of the sauropod clade Titanosauria in relation to the changing world of the Late Cretaceous. My research has focused on the North American species Alamosaurus sanjuanensis and its relationship to taxa in South America and Asia. New specimens and reinterpretation of known material permit a more detailed characterization of the species, an important step towards determining its phylogenetic position. Read more.