Theatre 399 - Theatre Pedagogy

Fall 2006

W 12:30 - 2

Dr. E.J. Westlake

Office Phone: 764-3118

Office: 2433 WDC








Required texts:

readings as posted to CTools, see schedule





Course Objectives: In this course, we will explore theatre pedagogy in several areas: drama-in-education, teaching drama in the secondary school, teaching theatre in higher education, and using drama-in-education techniques in all levels of teaching.  We will explore ways to approach teaching and learning that promotes a student-centered, curiosity-driven environment and takes into account a variety of cognitive and learning styles.  This course will provide the basic tools to develop teaching tools and a basic teaching philosophy.









100 points





100 points



Teaching Philosophy Statement


100 points



Evaluation of Student Reviews


100 points



Teaching Tool Development


200 points



Final Paper


200 points



Final Exam


200 points





1000 points




Participation: You will be expected to participate fully in this class and to attend all class meetings, including no fewer than twelve (12) Introduction to Theatre classes. You will assist the instructor during the Intro class.




Facilitation: Each student will facilitate one discussion with the Introduction to Theatre class and give one lecture/presentation.




Statement of Teaching Philosophy: For many teaching jobs, you will be required to provide a statement of your teaching philosophy.  You will be asked to consider what kind of classroom environment you would like to provide for your own students and the methods you can use to accomplish that.




Evaluation of Student Reviews: You will examine eight (8) student-written theatre reviews, develop a method for evaluating them, and provide a grade for them.




Teaching Tool: During the semester, you will create a teaching tool.  This can take a variety of forms (web page, PowerPoint, video, study guide) and can be on the theatre topic of your choice. This tool will be available to the Introduction to Theatre class.




Final Paper: You will write a final research paper on theatre pedagogy.  The paper should be 2300-2800 words and conform to MLA or Chicago style guidelines.  Please check with me for approval on the paper topic.




Take Home Final Exam: a take home final with several essay questions will be posted on December 13th.  It will be due on December 20th at 6 pm.




Plagiarism: If you don't know what constitutes plagiarism, please consult the MLA Handbook. There are grey areas which even advanced students shouldn't take for granted.  Do not use a paper you have used for another course without consulting me.




Disability Accommodations


Students who need accommodations should arrange a meeting with me during my office hours the first week of classes. If you have a conflict with my office hours, we can arrange an alternate time. To set up this meeting, please contact me by email. Bring a copy of your documentation to the meeting.




A note about the way I teach advanced classes:


Please do not expect me to lecture.  This class will be taught like a seminar or workshop.  That means that you will do the reading, discern its meaning, and construct your own thoughts and questions about it.  It means you will be ready to share your insights with your colleagues and be ready to engage in meaningful debate about the issues that are raised.  My job is to facilitate this process of constructing new ideas and creating new knowledge. You will only get out of this what you put into it.




** I reserve the right to alter this syllabus and schedule to meet the needs of this class. **