From the Trans-Love Energies Program, 1968:

And now, a message from our sponsor . . . But first, let me take a toke on that joint.  Yeah that sure is good.  Good for you too.  Makes you FEEL GOOD.  Don't let old people fool you, there's nothing wrong with feeling good, you don't have to sacrifice anything for it, you don't have to hurt anybody, you don't have to feel brought down and nasty all the time just because people tell you that's reality, boy, and you'd better face up to it.  GET FUCKED, thousands of freaks scream at them, and mean every word of it.  Dope is marijuana, LSD, peyote, mescaline, psylocibin, sacred mushrooms, hashish, DMT, DET, STP, nitrous oxide, amyl nitrate, and other beautiful chemical substances that make you FEEL GOOD without HURTING you.  The other kind of dope hurts - heroin, alcohol, morphine, amphetamine, crystal, barbiturates, television programming, schools, jails, police, control, greed - the people who are addicted to these heavy narcotics try to tell us that we are the dope fiends.  Well, okay, man, but what does that make YOU?  You know you're really PEOPLE under all that fear and thought!  Come out in the open and smoke some dope.  Pass the joint around to your friends.  That's it.  Now smile.  Doesn't that make you feel good?  Doesn't it make you want to fuck?  Well then, go right ahead.