English 822.001 - EMOTION THEORY

Winter 1995

Julie Ellison jeson@umich.edu
Office Hours Wednesday 1-3:30 and by appointment
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Books available at Shaman Drum

  • Carolyn Steedman, Legend for a Good Woman (Rutgers)
  • Lutz and Abu-Lughod, Language and the Politics of Emotion (Cambridge)
  • Wayne Koestenbaum, The Queen's Throat (Vintage)
  • Patricia Williams, The Alchemy of Race and Rights (Harvard)
  • Julia Kristeva, Powers of Horror (Columbia)


Course Pack at Kelly's Kopies above Taco Bell across from SEB


January 6


January 13

Autobiography as Critique Behar, "Dare We Say I?"; Steedman,

Landscape for a Good Woman

"A" Group

January 20

Mourning and Melancholia Freud, from "Mourning and Melancholia"

Schiesari, "The Gendering of Freud's `Mourning and Melancholia'" Renato Rosaldo,

"Grief and a Headhunter's Rage"

"B" Group

January 27

"Needs Talk" Patricia Williams, The Alchemy of Race

and Rights and selection from Nancy Fraser, Unruly Practices

"C" Group

February 3

Sexuality, Sentiment, and Performance Wayne Koestenbaum,

The Queen's Throat

"D" Group

February 10

Performance, Continued Berlant, "The Female Complaint";


"Some Binarisms (II): Wilde, Nietzsche and the Sentimental Relations of the Male Body"

"E" Group

February 17

The Affective Imperative Kristeva, Powers of Horror

"A" Group

February 24:


March 3

Emotion and Ideology Raymond Williams, "Structures of Feeling";

Grossberg from We Gotta get Outa This Place: Popular Conservatism and Postmodern Culture; Jameson, from Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

"B" Group

March 10

Antislavery Affections Yacavone, "Abolition and...Fraternal Love"; Sanchez-Eppler, "Bodily Bonds"

"C" Group

March 17

Language, Guilt, and Terror Bhabha, "Postcolonial Authority and Postmodern Guilt"; Daniel, "The Individual in Terror" and "Crushed Glass, or, Is There a Counterpoint to Culture?"

"D" Group

also, for everyone: one-paragraph statement of term paper topic due in class

March 24

Sentiment, Nationalism, the Romance Sommer, "Love and Country: An Allegorical Speculation" from Foundational Fictions; Sollers,

"Romantic Love, Arranged Marriage, and Indian Melancholy"

"E" Group

March 31

Manners and Conventions Appadurai, in Language and the Politics of Emotion, Ch. 5, "Topographies of the Self: Praise and Emotion in

Hindu India; Kasson, "Emotional Control" from Rudeness and Civility; Wexler, "Tender Violence: Literary Eavesdropping, Domestic Fiction, and Educational Reform"

April 7

Ethnography's Emotional Turn Michelle Rosaldo, "Toward an Anthropology of Self and Feeling" In Language and the Politics of

Emotion: ch. 2, Abu-Lughod, "Shifting Politics in Beduoin Love Poetry"; ch. 9, Trawick, "Untouchability and the Fear of Death in a Tamil Song."

April 14

Literati Tompkins, "Me and My Shadow"; Kaplan, "The Thorn Birds: Fiction, Fantasy, Femininity"; Cvetkovic from Mixed Feelings

April 21

Term paper due in my office by noon


The goal of the seminar is to keep all of these issues in play simultaneously.

  • If "emotion " has now constituted itself as a "field" or "area," what is the secret of its success? Why here? Why now?
  • aesthetics: the poetic; imagination and fancy; the beautiful and the sublime as theorized in work on romanticism and postmodernism; tone: parody, irony, pathos
  • conventionality, manners, pedagogy, and other forms of emotional education and enforcement
  • somatics: discourses of expressiveness, inspiration, and emotional contagion; the weeping, blushing, aggressive, and erotic body and its embarrassments
  • performance and gesture
  • gender: emotion as a major theme of women's, gay and lesbian studies and masculinity
  • studies; the feminist literature related to emotion
  • method: intuition; dialogue; logic, analysis, invocations of science and the rational
  • nationalism, patriotism, and other civic emotions; the emotional relations of colonial and post-colonial societies; of commerce; of empire
  • periodization: i.e. the Age of Sensibility
  • subjectivity and intersubjectivity: the psychological treatment of emotion (hysteria, mourning, transference, and abjection); the genres of autobiography and confession; the philosophical, theological, and literary histories of love
  • media: print culture, reading and media audiences, high and low cultures, electronic communications, virtual reality, interactive media
  • the object of feeling; the representation of the victim, especially as defined by racial or social differences (slaves, criminals, vagrants, > the sick, the poor); the history of charity and social welfare; humanitarian movements
  • intimations of the sacred: liturgy, confession, epiphany, revelation
  • emotion and politics; ideological analyses of emotion

Emotion Bibliography

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