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this is a place where i plan do whatever and not worry about if it looks pretty, has correct punctuation or is relavent to any aspect of life...hmmmm....kinda sounds like the rest of the site

The choose your own adventure analogy
I was sitting at the library one day, and there was this girl sitting across from me...and i kept looking at her, and she kept looking at me..the second part there might have just been my imagination...and I was thinking, I wonder if...well...I wonder if she would have...no...I was thinking "should I go over to her and say something?"...and the thought sounded good but the answer was no, i looked in the mirror and i saw a...but i thought, what if I were reading a choose your own adventure book and it was about this guy who was sitting in the library looking at this girl, and it said "if you want the guy to go talk to the girl goto page 134" or "if you want the guy to continue sitting in his chair studying and avoiding eye contact with the girl, go to page 59" I would always go to page 134...but in real life, i always go to page 59...but thats a really bad analogy because you can't live your life like that...cos what if it had said "If you want him to attempt jumping a 20ft gap between two 50 story buildings goto page 67 or if you want him to use the stairs goto page 138" you'd go to page 67 because you don't care if he dies, you just want entertainment...sometimes analogies seem to make so much sense, but then if you think about them for awhile they make no sense...often times they are just misleading...sometimes they can mislead you in the right direction tho... [=1/6/99=] i heard this Mark Twain quote on the radio that went like "If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man." and my first reaction was hey, people really suck...we are less trustworthy than dogs but then i thought how can you compare a relationship between a person and a dog and a person and another person?...a person-dog relationship is very simple while a person-person relationship is very complex...then i thought i wonder if anyone at work has noticed that ive been stealing the toilet paper...but thats beside the point, dogs dont even use toilet paper...yet another difference between man and dog...but dont try to fool me by throwing this unrealated nonsense at me...it wont work, i know karate...and im not afraid to use it...on handicapped people...they say they dont like me beating them up but i think they need the exercise...lets not stray from the issue here tho people, the issue is that often times analogies, quotations, and famous sayings oversimplify things and end up being very misleading...here is another Mark Twain quote "It is my belief that nearly any invented quotation, played with confidence, stands a good chance to deceive."...if that quote makes no sense to you then think about this for a second...whether or not it makes sense doesnt really matter, im quoting a famous author, that makes me look smart regardless...you thought i was trying to prove something?...yeah right, im just trying to make myself look good...back to the dog-person relationship vs. person-person relationship...if you give a dog food its basically happy right?...what else does a dog want?...maybe some water?...little petting...now, people are a bit more complex than that...you cant just give a guy food and have him love you, you gotta give him sex too...i guess guys arent that much more advanced than dogs, so lets use women for this example...you cant just give a girl food and have her fall in love with you, you have to give her your credit card too...still seems pretty simple but we havent even scratched the surface...like would a dog not talk to you for a week cos you left the toilet seat up?...no, and i can see this is going nowhere...before i go, please note that im not saying that analogies, quotations, etc. are a bad thing, im just saying be careful cos sometimes they can seem to make so much sense but really they are totally missing the point and oversimplifying things...i have a good example of this but no time to explain it now...see you later...[=1/8/99=] anyone seen the southpark episode called "chef aid"?...its a good one and has something in it similar to what ive been talking about here which is the chewbacca defense...the chewbacca defense is more when someone is intentionally being misleading, but same idea...check out the audio and video clips of the chewbacca defense if you dont know what im talking about...i dont really feel like typing now so bye...this is from the audio clip: "ladies and gentlemen of the supposed jury, you must now decide whether or not to reverse the decision for my client Chef...i know he seems guilty, but ladies and gentlemen, *pulls out chewbacca visual aid* this, is chewbacca...now think about this for one minute, that does not make sense...why am i talking about chewbacca when a mans life is on the line?...why? ill tell you why, i dont know, it doesnt make sense...if chewbacca does not make sense you must acquit...here, look at the monkey...look at the silly monkey...*one jurors head pops off*"...[=1/13/99=] gonna change the topic a bit today...i ran across this Alfred Souza quote that went a little bit like this: "For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin- real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, or a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life"...and it kinda hit home...cos thats how i view my life now...i feel like real life will start after i get out of college...right now i am just serving time...but if this is my life as he says, then my life sucks and i want to die...im kidding, but i wish that school left me a little more free time...id probably just end up sitting around, but hey, at least id have the option to do something... ... unfinished(perpetually)