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ok, these are some books you should read, or if you cant read, find someone to read them to you...wait a second, if you cant read then how are you reading this?...are you trying to trick me you bastard?...anyways, i have read a lot of good books, these are just the thought provoking ones...

<<<<< Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut 1968 >>>>>
Despite what you may think after reading the title, this is not a horror film, its not even a film, its a book, remember, you are on the book page...yeah, so its a book about a guy who was in a war...but not a "war story"...its a story about everything...here's a quote that wont make any sense...
"When a Tralfamadorian sees a corpse, all he thinks is that the dead person is in a bad condition in that particular moment, but that same person is just fine in plenty of other moments. Now, when I myself hear that somebody is dead, I simply shrug and say what the Tralfamadorians say about dead people, which is 'So it goes'."
thats not really a good quote to represent the book, but its the only one i could find on the net, and i dont feel like typing anything out myself at the moment...theres one thing you have to understand about the Tralfamadorians tho, time is not the same for them as it is for us, it doesnt flow in any kind of order, there is no past and present, so lets say you die in 2056, to them, you are still alive in 1998, and in plenty of other moments, so thats why they can shrug their shoulders and say "so it goes"...

<<<<< Vitalogy by E. H. Ruddock, M. D. 1899 >>>>>
Despite what you may think after reading the title, im not referring to the pearl jam album, although the pearl jam album of the same name does have excerpts from this book...Vitalogy is a book on anatomy, diseases, herbal remedies, and moral advice for the home...before WWII, it served as a complete reference book for millions of households...by reading this book, you can expect to learn:
...or you will at least learn what they thought about those things in 1899...to get this book, you will probably have to order it from Applewood books here...its under $10, and very interesting to read...
Here are some excerpts:
"Married persons should adopt more generally the rule of sleeping in separate rooms, or at least in separate beds...Opportunity makes importunity. For example, if pastries are where they continually attract the attention of children, there is a want and a request for them; but if out of sight they would only be thought of when natural hunger came."

"New methods of using sunbeams for curing disease. Restores the feeble and invigorates the debilitated better than any drug remedy ever compounded by the druggest. The Ultra-violet rays admitted through quartz glass have wonderful healing qualities."

"It has been fully tested and proven that children may be born talented or imbecile, with cheerful dispositions or gloomy ones, with kindly natures or harsh and sour ones, according to the will and wisdom of their parents. Everyone raising a family should read and carefully study the article on the family link."

"If you desire beautiful children, fix your thoughts on beautiful things. If your desires lean more toward the intellect, employ your thoughts in study, and so in other directions. If the parents themselves are not pure in body, heart and soul, at the time of conception, they cannot hope to transmit these qualities."

"One of the greatest causes of unhappiness, nay, misery, in the world, is the steady adherence to the superstition that two young people who feel, when in each other's company, the sexual excitement that is so often mistaken for love, must marry. It is folly for which thousands upon thousands are constantly paying a most fearful price. Love! Why love means self sacrifice. It means wisdom. Many a man for love has remained a bachelor all his life."

Advice on how to marry:
1st - Two people of similar complexion and temperament should never marry. If they do it will prove a failure.
2nd - Two tall, slim people or two short, heavy-set people should not marry.
3rd - A nervous, fidgety person should never marry another nervous person.
4th - A man should never marry a woman who is given to finding fault, or who is peevish and "cranky," or who scolds her little brothers and sisters.
5th - A woman should never marry a man who is naturally inclined to be arrogant and cruel, or who is inordinately selfish.

phew!...thank god i found those on the net, i thought i was gonna have to type them out myself...some of what is in the book may make you laugh because you think it is so stupid how someone could actually have believed this, other things may impress you with their foresight...but all of it is pretty interesting...

people don't read enough