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    The tales of

    or, a Michigan Wolverine in the Lands of the Seahorse

    Dancing with a new friend at Pentamere 12th Night, 2007;
    With my beloved, Lady Elspeth of Myrkfaelinn, 2014;
    Fiddling with friends on the Gatehouse Stage at Revel Grove, 2012

    Left: My personal arms, motto, and m'Lady Elspeth's Tartan. Second column: the Arms of the Middle Kingdom (top) and the Barony of Cynnabar (bottom, 2002-2007). Third column: the Arms of the Kingdom of Calontir (top) and the Barony of Three Rivers (bottom, 2007-2010). Fourth column: the Arms of the Kingdom of Atlantia (top) and the Barony of Bright Hills (bottom, 2010 - present).

    A brief introduction...

    Hail and well met! :-)

    In the SCA, I am known as Peter Geoffrey of Turnberry. In persona (in the SCA), I am the son of immigrants from Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) China, born and raised in the West, and now living the life of an apprentice healer, scholar, and dabbler in many things.

    I fiddle on the violin, sing, dance, enjoy and occasionally tell stories, and move / serve / clean / haul whatever the very nice event stewards/Autocrats ask us to. Once upon a time, a group of kind and very, very, very patient lady friends even helped teach me to sew. :-)

    I first began adventuring in the SCA in September of A.S. 37 (2002), after many stories and adventures shared with many kind friends. I began my SCAdian/Rennie life as a loyal son of the Midrealm, a proud member of the Barony of Cynnabar, and a friend of Revel Grove and Hollygrove. I sang with the Cynnabar Collegium Musica, danced with the Bedlam Medieval Dancers of Cynnabar, and played with Cynnabar's musicians. I then spent three equally happy years in the Kingdom of Calontir, and joined the musicians, singers, and dancers of the Barony of Three Rivers.

    Since A.S. 45 (2010), I've been a merry member of Barony of Bright Hills, having adventures all over the Kingdom of Atlantia, spending weekends in the Autumn playing gigs at Maryland Renaissance Festival. It was there, in the autumn of A.S. 48 (2013), that a lady fencer/fiddler/apprentice healer from Myrkfaelinn captured my heart.

    Mundanely (in real life), I'm the son of immigrants from modern China, born and raised in the West, and now living the life of a pediatric oncologist, molecular biologist, and dabbler in many things.

    Welcome to my slice of the The Dream. :-)

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    A few fun personal performance snippets

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    Or, how I came to the SCA and the kind folks who showed me the way

    Why Medieval Recreation?

    Or, why do I go out and dress up in funny clothes?

    Viol, Song and Dance

    My niches in the SCA

    Tales: By the Petition of Friends

    An extraordinary surprise from my friends in Cynnabar at Kingdom 12th Night

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    Of Calontir Silver Jubilee, 2009, and another extraordinary surprise from my friends in Three Rivers

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    Of being gifted by many kind friends with the chance to become a Player in Revel Grove

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    Photo Gallery

    RenFaire and SCA photos

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