A Stump Deer Feeder

The stump feeder seems like a great idea.  I'm in the process of building "my version" of one.  I have not seen a "real one" but I have a couple of ideas on how I'd like it to work for me.  This first edition will feed with only one outlet and be gravity fed.  A second version will contain a Pennco feeder inside the stump.  This will regulate the feeding times, by feeding  only in the mornings and afternoons.  I want to target feeding times to my hunting times.

s2a.jpg (25048 bytes) Of course, this project starts with some chicken wire.  Pick a height and diameter that suite you. 

s3a.jpg (30880 bytes) Form up some "roots" for authenticity.  Add a couple of  "access holes" (left arm is through one) around the center cylinder.  This will help give you access to the inside, so you can apply the fiberglass internal baffle (that the corn slides down).

s1a.jpg (32279 bytes) Completed skeleton.  Wire internal baffle hard to see.