Current Members

Assistant Professor


Graduate Students

Optical coating design, Multichroic detectors, ACTPol
Optical coating fabrication, Multichroic detectors, ACTPol
SZ-optical cross-correlations

Undergraduate Student

Katie Lass
MUSTANG2 calibrator source


Postdoctoral Researcher

Brian Nord
Joint SZ-optical cluster finding (now at Fermi Lab)

Undergraduate Students

Alex Basil
Spherical stage for cryogenic beam mapping: control system
Harrison Smith
Design of multichroic feed and OMT, Designed and built an FTS
Matt Weiss
Investigated approaches for cosmic string detection
David Cardelli
Investigated carbon fiber telescope design
Duncan Harris
Spherical stage for cryogenic beam mapping: mechanical
Chuck Siedlecki
6 inch clear aperture optical chopper system
Wayne Oswald
Broad band 90 GHz noise source
Becky Jackson
Helped commission a dilution refrigerator (design and assembly of mechanical support; making and installing all the cryogenic wiring for the NIST SQUID readout; making a black-body cold load; many more)
Dixit Paudel
Custom lockin amplifier
Jamie Mcclellen
Investigated real time photogrammetry system for ACT day observing
Kurt Flesch
Designed and built an automated 3-axis beam mapping station, tested a contoured feed-horn
Cecilia Dumochel
Bias electronics for a calibration source for MUSTANG2