In a past life during the time of Jeshua I was blind. The blindness may have been caused by an accident, meaning I use to see before the accident.
Jeshua restored my sight. He may have touched my eyes in restoring my sight. I followed him for the rest of that life.
My name was Jadiah. Before the accident I had a wife.
After the accident I entered poverty. My wife didn't stay with me. She had to leave. I was the breadwinner and it takes money to support the family.
I was grieving about not being able to support my family or me.
I was very despairing. I entered depression.
I was very impoverished both mentally and emotionally when I met Jeshua.
All I wanted was my eyesight back and be back to normal.
Losing my eyesight was probably the best thing that happened.
I was very down and at rock bottom to be so transformed by Jeshua.
I advocated and idolized Jeshua. I probably thought that was God (if that was me today, I would probably do and feel the same way).
I did the right thing. Made the right choice.
I loved my wife, even though she was with another man.
There was no going back to the way things were before losing my eyesight.
In summary, after my accident and before my eyesight was restored, I was a poor blind person.
The case of me as Jadiah going blind and getting it restored is entirely different from the references in the New Testament of Jeshua restoring the eyesight of other blind persons. In my case there were no witnesses to what Jeshua did for me.
As Jadiah, my blindness was not an accident. It was punishment for me by the King and I was also put in prison and in chains. It seems that I unintentionally saw something that I shouldn't have. The incident possibly involved the children of the King and Queen.
THE PUNISHMENT --- Very gruesome. Something was put into your (my) eyes and it caused blindness. Like some kind of a balm or something from a plant. Like a Aloe Vera, break it open, like a salve. Note: In checking the web there are plants that can cause blindness.
As a prisoner I would eat half my food and share the rest. Some of it I was apparently able to pass to people on the outside. The Queen was on my side (knew of my sharing and what I saw was unintentional). She got me released even though the King wanted to punish me more. Conjecture: The King was probably Herod Antipas.
Upon release my eyesight had started to return. I apparently had to grope around.
JADIAH'S VERY IMPORTANT DAY --- The day that Jeshua restored my eyesight took place in Galilee.
Looked like Jadiah was working in some kind of a field. Had a tool swinging from his shoulders down into the ground. Breaking up the ground to plant something. Maybe breaking up stone instead.
Feeling of hot sun. Sense of being very thirsty and dry.
Somebody comes along. Looks like a gypsy (maybe poor word choice). A person who does not have a lot, don't look like a laborer. Sees me looking distressed, hot & tired and offering you (me) something to drink.
The person that comes along looks very deeply into my eyes and its almost like a some kind of recognition and he puts his hand on my shoulder. Don't know if its an energetic transmission or a healing gesture. When he begins to walk away to move on I lay down whatever tool it is and I walk after him. Not a lot was verbally exchanged. Whatever happened, happened on an energetic or telepathic level. On a subtle plane.
Somehow I feel drawn to follow this person and I apparently don't know consciously why I feel propelled to follow this person either.
Don't know if there is a conscious recognition. I follow him to a place that looks like where he lives, but it's not exactly a home. It looks like a dwelling in the side of a rock, almost cave like. An opening here. Very meager. An offering table. Almost like a Monk. Not much in it. This was where Jeshua was living at this moment at this point in time.
The beginning of some kind of apprenticeship or some kind of mentorship. Something I don't understand yet what this is about or why I'm there or what this is leading to. Almost like a blind trust or leap of faith or something I can't put into words.
It's the beginning of a period of time. I didn't stay there, not like I lived there with him, but I go back and forth from where I lived to the place where he is dwelling. There's a kind of teaching that goes on.
It doesn't last my entire lifetime. That there's a certain period of time and then it's almost like what we would call a graduation. Time comes when it is time for me to be done studying or practicing and start practicing or doing something with what I learned.
It was a place that was selected as a training place. Not like a permanent dwelling place either. A place that he felt would be suitable for whatever the two of us were doing together. In close enough proximity or something. Feel like he traveled around looking for a number of people. I was one of them and then when it was complete moved on and found another. We were in distinctly different areas. Jeshua did the traveling part, but so that practitioners could cover a wider range. Be his arms and legs in his mission.
When Jeshua made contact with me was when I got my sight back. It was not about verbal exchange. It was something about the eyes.
He taught us to heal. Not about verbal techniques. Healing from some kind of mind space. Because when he approached and we looked into each other's eyes there was an energetic mental connection. In training, no books, tools, or instruments of any kind. It was a level of healing that was very direct, very instantaneous, extremely subtle, like at a vibrational level. Mental vibration. A matter of helping me learn to focus and hold. To achieve a certain level of vibration and to be able to hold that level and focus it. He didn't talk that much to me. A lot of it was happening on extremely subtle grounds.
It was something about his putting his hands on my shoulder at the end. He looked into my eyes and something was transmitted. A healing occurred that I was not exactly in my body at that point. When he put his hand on my shoulder that's when I came back into the body, back into reality and that was a way of ending a healing session and bring a person's consciousness or awareness back to present time.
Not the same as an OBE (out of body experience). It was an experience that involves astral travel. A reorganization of cells, whatever, back into their original state of health. It's different than an OBE.
Miraculous healing that resulted in faith and my full energetic field was realigned, which enabled me to entertain new ideas, new experiences. Prepared me for a whole new dimension and level of being. Like a NDE and people say they see the light it impacts their energetic field, which then causes them to have a very different perspective on life & theirselves when they return to reality. More akin to that than an OBE.
Last nite I received a vision of you during Yeshua time.
You had a shop, I feel it was a tailor shop.
You I feel was in Jerusalem or Bethlehem.
I see many people passing your shop, and waving and smiling at you.
I see Yeshua also passing and He stopped and spoke to you, you were quite happy when that happened.
COMMENT FROM ANOTHER PERSON: Not necessarily, it could be that Jay worked as a tailor and Jeshua knew him, but at some point lost his eyesight which would have been devastating to a tailor and Jeshua restored his sight...don't doubt your abilities
I have a picture in my head.
He was about 5/9 or 5/10 dark hair. Beard was white and dark combination. He had a wife and he was
very well known for his work.
I see Yeshua walking by his shop and talking to him, both were laughing.
I can see you all dressed in brown. Not too tall. Hair is white so you were older. You are about five seven height. Round face. Right now that is what I see, you have sandals on they are very worn. You were not a poor man, but very thrifty with you earnings. I see you alone, so I don't know if you married.
You make wine. Just came to my head.
Between 50 to 60. I see your shop. It is also where you live. You love to read and you like being alone. You sell your wine to different establishment where you are.
My Beloved Brother.
You know me.
It does not serve you to play small, for you are not
Your Spirit is limitless
Your Soul knows no bounds
For you are free
Your memories are all intact
And you will recover them beloved truely
If you can just step aside and allow your Spirit and Soul to lead the way
You are very steeped and identified with who you are in this lifetime (1)
And you are so much more than this
Search your heart for therein lies the truth to all the questions you ask this evening
For you do know me
This you cannot search for in books or in movies
For nothing can compare to the real thing
For you were there and saw it with your own eyes and you witnessed me in that lifetime and
you walked with me and you talked with me.
Just allow yourself to go within and to feel the truth of these words
Remember me
As I touched your heart in that lifetime you felt it expand in your chest as if your heart was on fire
So much love pouring in (2)
so much expansion, you felt your heart might burst and then you laughed at yourself for being what you
called so silly as tears streamed down your eyes
And I said, "my dear, you're not silly enough" and you laughed again, and you said "yes,
I need more of this kind of silly".
There is no one greater than you beloved,
do not look to these others as if they're your leaders, for you are your own leader.
Everyone has his part to play and your role was no less significant than anyone else's, (3)
so please understand this that you are an equal among equals.
Just remember and take in these memories, these feelings, these thoughts, and know the truth for yourself.
Only the Ego needs proof, the heart does not.
The heart knows already
The heart knows all things
Listen to your heart beloved.
For there lies the truth, your truth, and all the answers that you seek
Dearly beloved brother I depart from you now, but I'm never too far away. If you call on me and call on my
name, I will be there in an instant and you will feel me in your heart and you will know my presence.
Yes, you do matter.
Yes, you do count.
Yes, you are important.
Yes, you are very loved.
Do you need to justify, no
Do you need to prove, never
We do understand your need to know and therefore we are showing you that path to follow.
That path is within you, so instead of looking outwardly, we ask you to look inside for those answers that
you seek this evening for they are all there, every single one,
every single question you asked the answers are inside of you
And so beloved I put my hand on your heart again, so that you can know me and feel me,
I activate you now so that you can be all that you came here to be, and to share all that you came here to
share, we are always one, you and I, know this, trust this.

(1) (My comment -- it is who you are in this incarnation is the one that counts.)
(2) (My comment -- apparently Jeshua emanated unconditional love.)
(3) (My comment -- Shakespeare said "all the world is a stage")

After that life I reincarnated to what I call past life 2.

Since that time of 3 past lives I apparently have had 16 past lives and for all or most of them I've been of service to Jeshua.
(I can think of no better honor than to be of service to Jeshua.)
(In this incarnation of mine I think most of it may have been a joyride through this life and I've been given a wakeup call to be of service to Jeshua during my Geezer years. I don't know how things will work out, but it'll be interesting to see how things play out. Using my free will that God gives each of us, I accept the mission.)
(To add emphasis or oomph to my Wake Up call, this interview: Willie Nelson: 'Success is a Blessing Rather Than a Curse' appeared shortly after my readings.)