Photo Gallery of DAVES persons

Grover Cleavland Daves (My Great Uncle) and Edna E. (Lowery) Daves, his wife.

1958 - Oklahoma
Taken when family went back to Oklahoma for Grandma's mother's funeral.
Back Row - Lloyd (Twin 1), Robert, William, Rex (Twin 2)
Front Row - Ethel Lorraine (Twin 1), Edith Alva Bristow (Grandma's first marriage), Grandma Nancy Elizabeth, Grace Naomi
Missing - Max Elden (Twin 2) and Howard Dean

Max Daves, my father and Rex Daves, my uncle (my dad's twin brother)

Lucille Daves (my cousin), Daughter of Rex, my dad's twin brother

1948 - The McDonald's (My dad's foster parents), My dad (Max Daves) & mom (Naomi Daves), Otto & Olga Bushman (My mom's parents)

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Kenneth Daves (He is the son of Roy and brother to Lisa.)

Roy Daves

Lisa (She is the daughter of Roy & sister to Kenneth)

Mark Daves

Robert Daves (My Uncle)

Shawn (my cousin - son of Robert Daves) and Vanessa Daves

Don (My cousin) and Me

Torie, Michael (son of Delmer), and naturally I'm there.
Note: There is a person named Cormac Funge and Cormac is related to Torie & Michael. Here is a photo of Cormac.

On the floor: Deborah and Sharon (Daughters of Jimmie A. Daves)
On the couch: Jimmie R. (Son of Jimmie A. Daves), You know who in the middle, and Jimmie A. Daves. They are cousins to me through my Great Uncle Grover Cleavland Daves branch of my dad's family.

Cindy Daves (Daughter of Jimmie Allen and sister of Jimmie Ray) (May 8, 1999 after Graduation Ceremonies at Washington State University), She is my cousin.

Alan Daves (My cousin & Carolyn's brother) and Me.

Doyle and Pamela Daves