Research Projects

All my research shares a common focus on understanding how the organization of work and the dynamics of complex networks shape the process, products, and outcomes of knowledge intensive work, discovery, and innovation.

(1) Institute for Research on Innovation & Science (IRIS)

IRIS was founded in 2015 to collect, curate, share and use national administrative data on academic research to understand, explain, and improve the public value of our investments in universities and academic research. IRIS is currently a consortium of some 33 research universities that share data covering about 1/3 of all federal R&D expenditures at universities. More than 80 researchers from 24 institutions have used data IRIS produces. My own research in IRIS focuses on explaining how federal investments in science create and sustain distinctive collaboration networks that help make universities consistent sources of new discoveries and ideas.

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Collaborators: Julia Lane (NYU), Bruce Weinberg (OSU), Ron Jarmin (US Census Bureau) Jake Fisher (UM), Jinseok Kim (UM), Sang Teck Oh (UM), Yulia Chhabra (UM), Daniela Morar (Yale), the IRIS staff




(2) Networks and Outcomes in Surgical Care

We draw on a variety of methods to understand how working relationships among physicians and other healthcare providers shape the cost and quality of surgical care in the US. We draw on rich Medicare charge data to construct large scale networks and conduct detailed field work to more fully understand how physician and patient choices influence the growth and effects of networks.

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Collaborators: John Hollingsworth (UM), Russell Funk (Minnesota), Patrick Kierkegaard (UM), Spencer Garrison (UM), Mira Vale (UM)



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