Law 897
The Law in Cyberspace Seminar


This list is a work in progress; expect to see possible topics appearing and disappearing between now and the first day of classes.
If you're signed up for the seminar and would like to suggest a topic, email it to me with an appropriate link.

I have listed more than 60 possible topics below. I've assigned them to broad categories, but since many of the topics cut across category lines, the categorization is a little arbitrary. You'll also notice considerable overlap among topics. Next to each topic, I have posted a link to something that will give you a quick and dirty introduction to one facet of the topic. There's no expectation that your assignment or paper will concentrate on that facet; rather, I'm trying to give you a very brief introduction to some of the issues raised by each of the topics.

Caution: Some of the linked items are less objective than others.


  1. The enforceability of online clickthrough or browsewrap contracts and terms of use -- Mark Lemley law review article abstract

  2. Taxation of Internet transactions -- Institute for local self-reliance one pager

  3. Internet banking -- AP story

  4. Click fraud -- c|net news story

  5. Auction site regulation -- c|net news story

  6. Antitrust -- c|net news article

  7. Internet Governance and Electronic Democracy

  8. Regulation of the domain name system, and ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) -- ICANNwatch blog intro

  9. Electronic and online voting -- EFF webpage on Evoting

  10. The digital divide -- Wikipedia entry

  11. The Internet in China --James Fallow's story for The Atlantic

  12. Government Regulation of Internet-mediated activities

  13. Regulating Social Networking sites -- Washington Post story

  14. Cybersecurity -- excerpt from the 2003 White House "National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace"

  15. Internet gambling -- American Spectator column by Eli Lehrer

  16. Cybercrime -- DOJ Press release
  17. Freedom of Expression

  18. Content regulation: pornography, indecency, hate speech and nazi paraphernalia -- National Post story

  19. Can anything be done about Spam?-- MX Logic June, 2008 threat forecast report

  20. 1st amendment protection for software code -- 6th Circuit opinion in Junger v. Daly

  21. Regulation of library-based Internet access and use -- USA today story

  22. Gripe sites -- UDRP decision in Red Bull v. Gamel

  23. Bloggers and journalist privileges --- Mercury News story

  24. Jurisdiction and Procedure

  25. Jurisdiction --State court opinion in Shisler v. Sanfer Sports Cars

  26. The dormant commerce clause and state Internet laws -- 2d Circuit opinion in American Booksellers Foundation v. Dean

  27. Cross-border enforcement and extraterritorial application of national laws --9th Circuit opinion in Yahoo! v. LICRA

  28. Electronic dispute resolution -- Cybersettle Press release

  29. Privacy

  30. Anonymity -- EFF's Anonymity page

  31. Data Privacy -- Washington Post story

  32. Data Security -- CDT policy post

  33. Radio Frequency ID Tags -- CDT policy post

  34. Biometrics, global unique identifiers, digital signatures and other identification technologies -- EPIC's biometric identifiers page

  35. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act -- EPIC's Children's Online Privacy Protection Act page

  36. eMail privacy -- 9th Circuit decision in Quon v. Arch Wireless

  37. Government surveillance of Internet activity-- Times Online Story

  38. Corporate Surveillance of Internet Activity -- EPIC's deep packet inspection page

  39. Online profiling -- Business Week article

  40. Telecommunications

  41. Internet telephony -- FCC VOIP webpage

  42. Network neutrality -- FAQ

  43. Broadcast flag -- EFF Broadcast Flag page

  44. Municipal free wifi -- c|net news article

  45. CALEA -- Susan Crawford blog entry

  46. Torts

  47. Common law trespass to computers and networks -- Pamela Samuelson column

  48. Self help -- Wired News story

  49. Defamation on the Internet -- ABA Journal story

  50. Search engine liability -- Chilling Effects DMCA safe harbor page

  51. Internet service provider liability -- BitLaw ISP liability page

  52. Intellectual Property

  53. Trademark infringement online -- decision in Standard Process v. Total Health Discount

  54. Cybersquatting -- CADNA home page

  55. The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ["UDRP"] -- panel opinion in No. D2001-1391

  56. KeyWord advertising -- Eric Goldman's Blog post

  57. Peer to peer file sharing -- British news story

  58. Liability for hyperlinking -- D-Lib article by Maureen O'Rourke

  59. Creative commons licenses -- website

  60. Digital Rights Management -- Wikipedia entry

  61. Google Book Search -- New Yorker story by Jeffrey Toobin

  62. Internet business method patents -- EFF's patent busting project

  63. Music licensing -- Register of Copyrights' testimony

  64. Open source and free software -- Free Software Foundation home page

  65. Trusted computing -- Wikipedia entry

  66. Viacom v. YouTube -- amended complaint

  67. Virtual property -- MTTLR Blog post

  68. Webcasting -- website

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