Most recently revised: April 13, 2017


University of Michigan
Law 633
Copyright Law
Winter 2017

Final Revised Syllabus


(This syllabus will change frequently. It's a good idea to check back here after each class to find added links, optional excursions, and revised assignments.)

Required Texts:

  • Julie E. Cohen, Lydia Pallas Loren, Ruth Gana Okediji & Maureen A, O'Rourke, COPYRIGHT IN A GLOBAL INFORMATION ECONOMY (4th edition 2015)

  • 2016 Case Supplement (available as a free download here or here)

  • A copy of the Copyright statute available to purchase (for $8) here; available to download for free (but you will need to print it out, and it’s long) here, here, or here; and available to read online here

Online resources:

The Canvas site for this course links to a site on the open web at Here you will find this syllabus, a page with links to references, news, announcements, and items of curiosity, and a page with recommendations for further optional reading. You should consult the site frequently. I will post revised versions of the syllabus and copies of class handouts here. I will post news and other items of interest on the references page. (Revisions will not be announced via Canvas, so make a habit of checking this site after each class.)

The authors of your casebook have posted a website at with content keyed to the book. It includes links to the unedited version of each case, and useful resources and updates.


The exam in this course will be a 48-hour, take-home examination. During the examination you may consult the casebook, your copy of the copyright statute, a dictionary of the English language, and your own notes. You may not consult any other sources.

Laptop policy:

No laptops are allowed in class.




Learning outcomes:

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