Law 633: Copyright

Recommended Additional Reading

There's lots of excellent copyright scholarship out there, and we won't have time to read or discuss any but a tiny sliver of it. If you find that you are interested in this area of law, you may want to do further reading on your own. Here are some recommendations for places to start. Depending on how things go, it is possible that I will add one or more of these items to the syllabus. Unless and until that happens, though, these are just recommendations for further reading you may want to do if a topic captures your attention.

Chapter 1: Copyright in Context

Chapter 2: Authors, Writings and Progress

Chapter 3: Acquiring, Keeping and Transferring Copyright

Chapter 4: Protected Works and Boundary Problems

Chapter 5: The Statutory Rights of Copyright Owners

Chapter 6: The Different Faces of Infringement

Chapter 7: Another Limitation on Copyright — Fair Use

Chapter 8: Copyright and Contract

Chapter 9: Technological Protections

Chapter 10: State Law Theories of Protection and their Limits

Chapter 11: The Copyright Infringement Lawsuit