Who I'm not:

My first web page hacked by hand with vi, when I was at the University of California Irvine, had a "theme" of sorts. It had no images of me, but lots of images of people who shared my name. Since "Google Images" this has become a lot easier. I don't think I am even related to any of these persons (but who knows?)

Married to Debbie Silvestre and was not married in St. Andrew's Catholic Church, a beautiful white church by the lake in Oakville, Ont. I did not marry a "Canadian Bride" (Although that is a valid lifestyle choice :-)

A vice president of sales at Expertech And am not "building the foundation for the future of telecommunications (although that is a perfectly valid lifestyle choice :-)

Tom, A Fundraising Auctioneer for DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers

A contestant on "Canadian Idol", Johanna DiNardo

Ashlyn DiNardo, actress also known as Anne-Marie Thomas. according to the Internet Movie Data base (IMDb) web page about her.

Lenny DiNardo who now plays for the Oakland Athletics Baseball team.

I am not him either! Another name sake is a DJ! at DiNardo Brothers Entertainment

I am not Erik DiNardo with a Myspace Music Page and an album called "Turning Me Loose."

The very Revered Lawrence DiNardo in Pittsburg PA, who when I last checked, was at the Holy Widsom Parish

John DiNardo, formerely head of the Bill of Rights Institute.

I have no affiliation with DiNardo's Mansion. nor DiNardo's Crabs.

I am not a vice president of the Office of the Provost at Drexel University, I don't know anything about Physics, and I don't have a first initial "N" in my name.

Nor am I Nancy DiNardo, the chairwoman of the Connecticut Democrats

Nor am I Robert DiNardo, a litigator at Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP, Counselors at Law

Nor, surprisingly, am I "John E. DiNardo" a Staff Attorney at Dechert, LLP

I am not related to, Giovanni DiNardo nor Helen, or his wife Antonella. (Or at least I don't think so.!)

Nick DiNardo, actor according to the Internet Movie Data base (IMDb) web page about him.

Desi DiNardo a real poet and artist!