Johann Dahm

Ph.D. Candidate, Aerospace Engineering and Scientific Computing, University of Michigan

I’m a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Michigan in Aerospace Engineering and Scientific Computing. My research involves creating new numerical methods and high performance algorithms for the solution of partial differential equations (PDE) that simulate fluids and other natural phenomenon. This is an exciting field that sits between engineering and mathematics with application to physics.

Most of my papers and talks are posted on this website with links in my cv.

I’m working with the Computational Fluid Dynamics Group under the supervision of Krzysztof Fidkowski. Our group develops new high-order algorithms for fluid dynamics simulations, which are also applicable to a wide range of other natural phenomena. Primarily, the work focuses on estimating and controlling the error in a simulation, and automatically targeting regions of a simulation with high impact on outputs of interest, such as lift or drag on an airplane. This field has become critically important with simulations of increasing size and complexity.

I love thinking deeply and analyzing problems. People who know me are probably correct when calling me a stubborn tinkerer, but it’s what drives me.

It is said that balance is the key to life and I’m lucky to have a number of hobbies and activities outside work as well. I enjoy spending time and running with my dog. Oh, did I tell you she jumps? I also enjoy cooking and practicing cello. Maybe I’ll share bits of that later.