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   Credits and Thanks!  

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  • CopyrightEllis Wilson, "The Funeral Procession". From the Aaron Douglass Collection at the Amistad Research Center.

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  • Copyright Romare Bearden, "Family", 1988 [collage on wood, 28.0 x 20.0] National Museum of American Art.

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  • CopyrightCBS and Beth Sullivan Productions.

  • CopyrightDr. Suess [pseud.]. 1957 Hougton Mifflin.

  • CopyrightIllustrations for "The Tiger, the Braham and the Jackel" by Gina Triplett.

  • Copyright"Joseph Cinque" was the name given by Spanish authorities and cited most often in historical documents; Sengbe, Shinquaw or Jinqua appears to be the nearest translation of his African name. The New Haven Colony Historical Society.

  • CopyrightProbably drawn by James or Isaac Sheffield, "Joseph Cinquez," 1839 [lithograph on wove paper]. Library of Congress [#LC-USZ62-12960]. This portrait was done while Sengbe awaited trial in New Haven, Connecticut.

  • Copyright"Lewis Tappan," Amistad Research Center.

  • Copyright"Grabeau". He was second in command after Sengbe of the Amistad. Grabeau was sold as a slave in payment for a debt. He spoke Vai, Mendi, Kon-no and Gissi. He was married, but had no children and was a planter of rice. Beinecke Rare Book Rook and Manuscript Library, Yale University.

  • Copyright"Pedro Montez," was a Spanish slave owner.

  • CopyrightAkan, Fante, Ghana, "Asafo Flag," 1863 [cloth]. Detroit Institute of Arts.

  • CopyrightWilliam Johnson, "Cotton Pickers," 1940 [irregular watercolor and pencil on paper]. National Museum of Art, Smithsonian Museum [MESL]. Reproduced with permission.

  • CopyrightWilliam Johnson, "Let My People Free," 1945 [oil on paperboard]. National Museum of Art, Smithsonian Museum [MESL]. Reproduced with permission.

  • CopyrightWilliam Johnson, "Art Class: Model in Yellow Chair," 1939-40 [tempera on paperboard]. National Museum of Art, Smithsonian Museum [MESL]. Reproduced with permission.

  • CopyrightCharles McGee, "Noah's Ark: Genesis," 1984 [oil and mixed media on masonite]. Detroit Institute of Arts.

  • CopyrightMakonde, Northern Mozambique, 1900-25 [wood]. Detroit Institute of Arts.

  • CopyrightMask, Mwana pwo, Chokwe, early 19th century [carver wood, hemp]. Detroit Institute of Arts.

  • Copyright Photo by Jim Wallace [#86-9910]. A close-up of names carved on the black granite walls of the Veterans Memorial in Washington. This photo shows portions of lines 17 through 35 on panel 46E. The names on the Wall are listed chronologically in the order the casualties occurred. The Wall holds the names of nearly 60,000 Americans who died, or are still unaccounted for, in this nation's longest war. This image file is presented by the Smithsonian's Office of Printing & Photographic Services. 1993 Smithsonian Institution.

  • Copyright Photo by Paul Honzik. A close-up of the faces of the Soldiers Statue at the Veterans Memorial in Washington. The statue, by Frederick Hart, depicts three soldiers of the Vietnam era. They are placed looking to the names on the wall at the Memorial. 1993 Smithsonian Institution.

  • CopyrightPhoto by Frederick D. "Buddy" Hodgkins [SP4]. A photo of the rich rice paddies in the Vietnam countryside.

  • CopyrightThe poem -- "The Outpost Soldier" can be found in "Ca Dao Vietnam: A Bilinugual Anthology of Vietnamese Folk Poetry"; edited and translated by John Balaban. 1980 Unicorn Press.
    Translation of the poem:  
    Here are only cliffs and crags, bird prints, beasts shuffling, locusts chirring, and jungle trees rustling their music.
    A bird calls out from a gnarled tree. I've dwelt in the forest three years.

  • Copyright"A Prayer for Peace" was written by Thich Nhat Hanh, Chair of the Buddhist Peace Delegation to the Paris Peace Accords during the Vietnam War. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King, Jr. The prayer was used throughout South Vietnam in 1965 in the "Don't shoot your Own Brother" campaign to rouse the willingness to work for peace. The graphical image of the dove was done by Sandy Ackerman; it is based on Thich Nhat Hanh's pen and ink drawing of the late 1960s. Dr. Martin Luther King's comments are taken from his speeches about Vietnam.

  • JavaScript Applet "strolling script bar". Copyright 1996. Web Integration Systems, Inc. DBA Websys, Inc. Reproduced with permission.

  • "Everything I do is connected up with my past life ..." -- Text from "Feet Live Their Own Life," in the "Best of Simple" by Langston Hughes [Copyright 1961. Hill and Wang, a division of Farrar, Strass and Giroux, Inc.].

  • "Autobiography" -- Text provided by the Garret Co., Jan. 1995.

  • "Actor Urges Realism, Depth For Dr. Quinn" -- Article written by N. Charles [Copyright, Chicago Tribune, Feb. 18, 1995.]

  • "With An Eye On How The West Is Coping On Dr. Quinn" -- Article written by N. Mendoza [Copyright, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 12, 1995.]

  • "Tough Choices" -- Article written by Henry G. Sanders. [Copyright, Guidepost Magazine, December 1994.]

  • "A Lesson In Black History" -- Article written by R. Preston [Copyright, Chicago Tribune, Feb. 27, 1994.]

  • "Cats Taught Me How To Act" -- Article written by S. Carden [Copyright, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Globe Magazine, Sept. 1996.]

  • Sandy Ackerman: Technical support with graphics.

  • Julie Bamberger: Pictures

  • Pat Blankenship: Pictures

  • Kathy Bovenschen: "The Joe Lando Web Site"

  • Erin Dekker: Pictures

  • Barney Jernigan: "The Unofficial Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Web Site"

  • Robin Mack: "The Jane Seymour Home Page"

  • Jean McSpadden: Pictures

  • Ramiro Obando: The Amistad Story

  • Joseph Nnodi Ogbonna: The Amistad Story

  • Connie Orme: Pictures

  • Patrick Pieh: The Amistad Story

  • N. Pieh: The Amistad Story

  • Rachel Rice: Pictures

  • Jodie Thomas: Pictures

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