Janani Chinnam

248.990.6329 ยท jchinnam@umich.edu

I'm a University of Michigan College of Engineering alumni, with a Bachelor's in Computer Science, magna cum laude. My interests range from algorithms to augmented reality to machine learning, and I'm looking for valuable experiences and opportunities to broaden my scope and refine my technical skills. // my resume

I have a passion for innovation, humor, design, and people. I'm an internet addict, swimmer, serial tv-drama binger, wannabe photographer, and a thinker. I'm going to make a difference.


Technology Analyst

Goldman Sachs

July 2019 - Present

Research Assistant

CroMa Lab

Undergraduate researcher in the Crowds + Machines Lab under the guidance of Dr. Walter Lasecki, investigating applications of augmented reality to facilitate and improve collaboration spaces via the crowd worker.

Sep 2017 - May 2019

Summer Technology Analyst

Goldman Sachs

Designed and built web application to organize and display relevant data to users for visualization and self- service management of various strategies. Leveraged the Reladomo framework to implement API endpoints and services for managing databases. Developed web UI using react native and redux to implement data grids, criteria panels, and make API calls.

May - Aug 2018

Software Engineering Intern


Designed and automated log aggregation and visualization pipeline for troubleshooting and performance optimization in production system environments. Developed user activity interface to display live visuals of application activity with dynamic features to enhance client experience in production, leveraging REST protocol and AWS APIs.

May - Oct 2017

Software Development Intern


Built user interface for forecasting toolkit to predict warranty claims based on historical data patterns and statistics, targeting specific vehicle usage subsets. Implemented MATLAB scripts to aggregate vehicle data and calculate overall statistics distributed by winter severity, focusing on locations of interest and various prediction scenarios.

Apr - June 2016



C++, Java, Python


C, MATLAB, JavaScript, Groovy

And More


Node.js Security Check


A cron-like script to continuously check Node.js package dependencies for known security vulnerabilities with an integrated Slack notification system determined by priority levels using npm nsp, Docker, and shell code.

Phi Gamma Nu Internal System


An internal web system consisting of fraternity recruitment scoring automation and internal voting to streamline procedures. Public site and authenticated internal logistical pages for file sharing, organization, and member information.

Path Finder


A MST and TSP Path Finding Simulator that systematically designs an optimal path between nodes; utilizes bounding algorithms and various heuristic approaches to optimize the solution in both speed and memory. Designed to simulate zoo tours with various constraints.


Conference Papers

  1. J. Herskovitz, I. Wong, J. Chinnam, M. Liu, S.W. Lee, W.S. Lasecki. wizAR.d: A Collaborative Wizard-of-Oz System for Creating Multi-User AR Prototypes. UIST '18. (under review)


  1. J. Herskovitz, J. Chinnam, I. Wong, M. Liu, J. Mo, S.W. Lee, W.S. Lasecki. Crowdsourcing for Effortless Creation of Collaborative AR Spaces. In CHI Workshop on Novel Interaction Techniques for Collaboration in VR. Montreal, Canada. 2018.