Computer Resources for English Graduate Students

Part II

1 October 2003

Research Starting Points
U-M Library
U-M Humanities Text Initiative (HTI) *
U-M Lexis-Nexis (periodicals, NYT) *
U-M Proquest *
The English Server (Iowa State)
The Johns Hopkins Guide To Literary Theory and Criticism *
Literary Resources (Jack Lynch) (mega database)
Project Muse (journals online)
Voice of the Shuttle (Gen. Humanities-UCSB) (the undisputed champion)*
New York Public Library
Early English Books Online (EEBO)*

American Culture/Literature/Sociology
Making of America (U-M!) *
National Archival Information Locator (U.S.)

The Internet Archive - Building an 'Internet Library'
National Archival Information Locator (U.S.)
U-M Dissertations Online *

General History
This Day in History (History Channel)

General Reference Sites
CyberTimes Navigator
HOLLIS (Harvard U library)
Library of Congress Catalog
Library WWW Servers (Thousands of library servers throughout world)
MELVYL (UCalfornia Digital Library)
MIRLYN (U-M Library - WWW)
New York Public Library
Web Of Science

Humanities/Liberal Arts Newspapers
Arts and Letters Daily

Humanities Computing
Association for Computers and the Humanities
CETH Directory of Electronic Text Centers (Technical/Information Systems) (Rutgers)
Chorus_ Academic and Ed. Hum. Computing (Berkeley)
Humanist Discussion Group (Princeton)
Humanities Computing Repository
MLA Computers in L and L disc group
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
CTI Textual Studies_ Computers & Texts

International Culture
Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI)
Perseus Project (Ancient Greece & Rome)

EduCause Publications
JStor (journals on line) *
New E-Journals
Penn-English Call for Papers *
Project Muse (journals online) *
Scholarly Journals Distributed Via WWW

The Middle-English Dictionary*
MLA Computers in L and L disc group
Oxford English Dictionary
Romance Languages Resource Page

Literatures Other than English
ARTFL (French e-texts)
Romance Languages Resource Page

NYTimes Book Review (searchable)
Perseus Project at U-M (image tours)

UbuWeb (Concrete and Found Poetry)

Popular Art and Literature
Comic and Sequential Art
Global Popular Fiction (U Melbourne)

Professional Issues (Discussions of Academe, Job Listings)
American Departments of English (MLA Joblist online) *
Chronicle of Higher Education
The Humanities at Work (Wilson Foundation Postdocs and Jobs)
Penn-English Call for Papers (Conferences and Journal Calls for Papers)

Public Domain Literature (Expired Copyrights)
Alex Catalog of Electronic Texts
CETH Directory of Electronic Text Centers (Rutgers)
Electronic Beowulf
Electronic Text Center -- University of Virginia (huge!) *
Labyrinth (Medieval materials) (Georgetown) *
NetSERF (Medieval materials)
Rossetti Archive (Virginia) *
Shakespeare Text Search
Work in Progress_ James Joyce in Cyberspace

Scholarly Societies
ACLS Webography
H-Net (Humanities and Soc Sci OnLine)

Teaching Tools
Children's Literature Web Guide
EDSITEment! - Top Sites & Guides (K-12 resources)
H-Net (Humanities and Soc Sci OnLine)
Literary Locales (Images of literary places)
ERIC (Ed. Resources Info. Center)

Theory, Criticism, Hypertextuality
Hyperizons (Hyperfiction on the Web) (Duke)
The Johns Hopkins Guide To Literary Theory and Criticism *
Postmodernism Generator
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

Visual Arts
Art History Internet Resources (Yale)
Art Museum Network
Artchive (museum images)
ArtSource (art and architecture)
Literary Locales (Images of literary places)
MESL (Museum Ed. Site Licensing Projrct) (Images in U-M collections) (find museums) - diverse museums and more...
Visual Arts Internet Resources
World Art Treasures