What wxBurn does:
There are 3 command-lines utilities that most Linux multimedia editors use, but these tools are also available for Win32 machines. They are: * This is just a brief summary of their capabilitites. Please follow the above links to learn more about what each utility can do.

To try and make these utililities a little more friendly for Windows users, here is a frontend called wxBurn that I'm working on. All of these tools are free and OpenSource.


wxBurn is build using wxWindows.
The interface was designed with wxDesigner

wxBurn is still in development, but functional for CD copying, and data CD ISO creation and burning. Audio and video CD creation are in still in the planning stages.
A more mature application that Linux users can get this missing functionality is the K3B CD burning application.

wxBurn - 07/09/2003 Update for compilation fixes
wxBurn - Initial Release