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My website and I have moved!  My new website and blog are now at www.jaylemke.com

The new website updates my old websites at the University of Michigan and at City University of New York and Brooklyn College. It features pdfs of many of my papers and manuscripts, conference presentations, new research, a gallery, blog, and much else.

My old website is still online if there is something there you can't readily find on the new one. Please, however, whenever possible cite or link to only the new site.

I am now working at the University of California at San Diego in the Laboratory for Comparative Human Cognition (LCHC) and with research students from the Department of Communication and other programs. I am still receiving email at   jaylemke  AT  umich  DOT  edu  . Or see the Contact page on my new website.

Please click on the "JayLemke Online" link at the top of this page to go to my new website and blog.