Portfolio: Flash Pages

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Page Flash Version Description
Frey-Demog3 Flash 5 Third version of a test page for my boss at SSDAN. Here Dr. Frey wanted me to try out having the globe fade completely, and I also added the subtitle "US Demographics, Data, Analysis, Interpretation."
Frey-Demog2 Flash 5 Second version of a test page for Dr. Frey. In this version, I added the appearance of the globe and its fade into the background.
Frey-Demog Flash 5 First version of a test page for my boss at SSDAN, Dr. William H. Frey.
SSDAN2 Flash 5 A more complete test page for the SSDAN website. Note that the animation to morph the letters in the SSDAN acronym from one font style to another took quite a bit of effort, especially for the protrusions in hte "D", "A", and "N". The number of shape hints that I had to use for the "N" tween was especially large, because if I let Flash do the tweening for me, it would always try to turn the protrusion at the top of the "N" into the left leg of the "N", instead of just decreasing the size to a small bump at the top-left corner of the letter.
SSDAN1 Flash 5 The was the beginning of a test page created for the University of Michigan Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN) front page. It was decided later not to use Flashed pages, and more traditional HTML was used instead.
PIPHome Flash 4 This page was an experimental webpage meant to act as the original front page of the University of Michigan Health System's Psychiatric Informatics Program website. Although I could find evidence that a website subdomain was created for the program, it seems that their website was never made public. I left the project before the website was ever completed.