In the 2005 World Year of Physics and also the 2005 Year of Design in many countries,

The Art Gallery at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory  in Batavia outside Chicago, Illinois, is hosting the exhibition


SIZED MATTER – Perception of the Extreme Unseen


The works explore and lift the veil of the optically impossible task of visually observing subatomic particle energy and matter by a systemic visual translation of the physical properties of particle matter according to the Standard Model of Elementary Particle Physics into images and objects.



The exhibition is the result of several years of unique collaboration between renowned physicists Dr. Gordon Kane and Dr. David Gerdes, and industrial designer Jan-Henrik Andersen at the University of Michigan.


The show is open from June 6th to August 26th 2005 with a Reception and Colloquium on June 29th at the Art Gallery in Wilson Hall at Fermilab which is open to press and public.


The 25 works are large scale digital prints on canvas and paper, sculpture and furniture, which explore the visual translation from mathematical abstraction to images and eventually to objects. The intent is to increase the cognitive availability of the fundamental building blocks of our Universe and make this wonderful world available to a broader audience. By visually explaining these highly abstract facts, the show aims to decrease the intellectual distance between fundamental science and the common understanding of what we’re all made of by demonstrating that design and science share the same fundamental beauty.


DOWNLOADS (0.6 to 1.7Mb each)

The Project as Adobe .pdf

Exhibited works as Adobe .pdf

Methodology as Adobe .pdf

Creative Statement as Adobe .pdf

Visual legend as Adobe .pdf

JHA short bio as Adobe .pdf





For further information, please contact:


Georgia Schwender, Director Fermilab Art Gallery at 630-840-6825, 


Or for comments and high resolution images:

Jan-Henrik Andersen