Perception of the Extreme Unseen

Visual Logistics and Representation of Subatomic Particle Matter and Energy


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Jan-Henrik Andersen

Particle Designer


For me as an industrial designer the project has offered the possibility to apply an analytical and aesthetic approach to visual problems beyond the traditional realm of the object culture as practiced by designing and manufacturing of functional objects. The project is posing a challenge in transcribing the abstract values and properties of the subatomic particles into a system of form geometries and motion, lines, planes and solids, of color and light, which reflects the richness of this tiny world, and at the same time withstand the scholarly scrutiny of both visual design and physics.


Jan-Henrik Andersen is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Design. With a background in architecture he earned his diploma from the Institute of Industrial Design at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Oslo, Norway (1984), where he served as tenured faculty until 1996. After a visiting professorship at Purdue, he joined the University of Michigan in 1999. He maintains a professional practice with projects ranging from visual and cross-disciplinary university related research, to development of industrial design products. His research interests include design methodologies and the implementation of technology-based design tools.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery, University of Michigan, School of Art & Design

February 13 through March 13 2004




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Slusser Gallery

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