aboard catalina 27


super light, seaworthy, fun little dinghy to row, tow, work in, dream in, play in, fish in, store on deck, handle, carry, roll along, get ashore and back out - safe and dry




62 LOA, 4 beam, 35 lb sturdy hard-tender in epoxy, glass, carbon and aramid fibers, with a safe load capacity of 500 lb


The project is based in two design spaces;

a. the common need of a super light sailboat tender

b. a conceptual exploration of a multi sensory experience of body space and equilibrium.


The first is easy to explain and straight forward, the latter a tad more complicated as it builds on another, rather abstract, design project that some may find interesting for reasons beyond sailing and messing around in boats.

The tender was conceived, and its appearance is related to the aesthetics of this project. More information can be found at the PEXU exhibition site under the Creative Statement as an Adobe.PDF file.


This web site is primarily dealing with the design, construction, fabrication, and testing of the tender as seen on the image on the left.


The tender is featured in the August 2005 issue of Soundings Magazine Dinghy.pdf >



Note: Richard L says it would work well, even for motor boaters ;)




specification and design




testing and critique

next move




Jan-Henrik Andersen 2005

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