Felix Janda

Postdoc at University of Michigan (Host: Yongbin Ruan)
PhD thesis (under R. Pandharipande at ETH Zürich)

Contact information

Felix Janda
Department of Mathematics
University of Michigan
530 Church Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Email: janda@umich.edu
Office: 1833


RTG/FRG Mirror Symmetry Conference for Young Researchers
FRG Special Lecture and Workshop
RTG Workshop on Witten's r-spin class and related topics


My general research area is moduli spaces in algebraic geometry. I study aspects of the intersection theory of various Gromov-Witten type moduli spaces. During my PhD, my main focus has been on the study of tautological classes on the moduli space of curves.


"A mirror theorem for genus two Gromov-Witten invariants of quintic threefolds" (with Shuai Guo and Yongbin Ruan) , arXiv:1709.07392
"Higher-genus wall-crossing in the gauged linear sigma model" (with Emily Clader and Yongbin Ruan) , arXiv:1706.05038
"Higher-genus quasimap wall-crossing via localization" (with Emily Clader and Yongbin Ruan) , arXiv:1702.03427
"Powers of the theta divisor and relations in the tautological ring" (with Emily Clader, Samuel Grushevsky and Dmitry Zakharov) accepted at International Mathematics Research Notices, arXiv:1605.05425
"Double ramification cycles on the moduli space of curves" (with Rahul Pandharipande, Aaron Pixton and Dimitri Zvonkine) in "Publications de l'IHES" 125 (2017), 221--266, arXiv:1602.04705
"Pixton's double ramification cycle relations" (with Emily Clader) accepted at "Geometry and Topology", arXiv:1601.02871
"Relations on $\overline M_{g,n}$ via equivariant Gromov-Witten theory of $\mathbb P^1$" in "Algebraic Geometry" (Foundation Compositio Mathematica) Volume 4, Issue 3 (May 2017), 311--336, arXiv:1509.08421
"Relations in the Tautological Ring and Frobenius Manifolds near the Discriminant" part of thesis, accepted at Letters in Mathematical Physics, arXiv:1505.03419
"The hypergeometric functions of the Faber-Zagier and Pixton relations" (with Alexandr Buryak and Rahul Pandharipande) in Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly Volume 11 (2015), Number 4 (Special volume dedicated to Prof. Eduard Looijenga), 591--631, arXiv:1502.05150
"Comparing tautological relations from the equivariant Gromov-Witten theory of projective spaces and spin structures" part of thesis, not submitted, arXiv:1407.4778
"Gromov-Witten theory of target curves and the tautological ring" in Michigan Mathematical Journal, Volume 66, Issue 4 (2017), (683--698), arXiv:1308.6182
"Tautological relations in moduli spaces of weighted pointed curves" part of thesis, not submitted, arXiv:1306.6580
"Socle pairings on tautological rings" (with Aaron Pixton) submitted, arXiv:1304.0026
"Gaussian rational points on a singular cubic surface" (with Ulrich Derenthal) in "Torsors, étale homotopy and applications to rational points", LMS Lecture Notes 405, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2013, pp. 210-231, arXiv:1105.2807