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Data Analysis


Jana von Stein
University of Michigan

Tools for Data Analysis and Other Things to Make our Lives a Bit Easier...
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STATA and Gauss code for the estimator used in "Do Treaties Constrain or Screen? Selection Bias and Treaty Compliance," (2005), The American Political Science Review, 99 (4): 611-622. The estimator can be used for any analysis in which the outcome of interest is dichotomous and observed for the treated and non-treated groups.

Click for STATA code Click on the image to the left to download a STATA .ado file that allows you to run a simple STATA command. Note: the code still has some bugs in it, so please be sure to read the "read me" file contained in the .zip file.
Click for STATA code
Click on the image to the left if you prefer to use the STATA code (a .do file). You can also generate predicted probabilities with this code.
Click for Gauss code
Click on the Gauss image to download the Gauss code used to generate predicted probabilities with confidence intervals after performing the STATA routine.

Country code generators. Have you ever wanted to merge two datasets, but found that they use different country codes? This drives me crazy and wastes lots of time, so I finally programmed a STATA .do file to generate Correlates of War (COW) codes from country names (I also created a little STATA file to match COW and ACLP country codes). I hope these save you some time and frustration! Please let me know if you notice and problems in the files.

Click to download .do file
Generate COW codes from country names. Click on the STATA image download a .do file. If your dataset has country names in it, the files below should generate the codes for you (I have programmed several different possible country names for countries such as Germany, etc.), but please read the "user beware statement" in the .do file.       
Click to download .do file Match COW codes with ACLP (Alvarez, Cheibub, Limongo, and Przeworski) data. Click on the STATA image to download a .dta file.

Click to download .do file Generate dates of independence  (countries that gained independence after 1960). Click on the STATA image to download a .do file. (Source for independence dates: CIA World Factbook).