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Jana von Stein
University of Michigan

Jana's Climate Change Page
Alaskan glacier. This one is not receding, but others are. Click here for more troubling photos elsewhere.

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The International Law and Politics of Climate Change: Ratification of the United Nations Framework Convention and the Kyoto Protocol. Forthcoming, The Journal of Conflict Resolution, 52 (2).
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(additional tables, calculation of variables, robustness checks).

Do I study the international climate change regime because I'm a tree-hugger, or because I'm interested in treaties? Both,
I suppose. I'm no climatologist, so I cannot speak to the question of whether/why global warming is occurring. There is now virtually no disagreement among climatologists on this question. I am worried. So, while I hope you'll read my paper, I also
hope you'll take whatever steps you can to tackle this problem, in your daily life and/or at other levels of engagement.
Below are a few links. Please email me others; I am particularly interested in well-argued dissenting opinions...

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