My name is Jake Hage. I'm a Computer Programmer with passions for learning, teaching, and writing thoughtful computer code. In December 2018 I plan to graduate from University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), where I currently study Computer Science as an undergraduate. Go Blue!

Selected Projects and Work

Here are some recent projects that I have worked on outside of the classroom while attending University of Michigan. These consist mostly of object-oriented programming, community detection algorithms, agile team development, and website & application design. If you would like to learn more about my roles, processes, or my general thoughts and insights about any of these projects, please feel free to get in touch with me - I would love to see how we could work together.

Some things about me

I'm a programmer, student, researcher, and an instructor, among many other responsibilities. I have always loved and always will love learning and working with the people around me.

   My main priority is impact. In general, I try to take advantage of opportunities and experiences where I will be able to do the most. What I love about computer science is how easy it is to learn new ideas and address big challenges, so it never gets boring.
   As someone who used to regularly struggle with rudimentary math and science courses, I have an affinity that I am incredibly lucky to be able to do many of the things that I do today. This is the main reason that I chose to become an Instructional Aide at University of Michigan, in that I want to help as many students as possible understand computer programming. I feel strongly that much of what computer scientists learn and do today is relatively simple work that often gets veiled in complicated terms, so as to dilute the general understanding of its nature. My aim is to shatter the dogma that having a highly specialized skillset is a prerequisite to being a good computer programmer, exactly as I once believed myself.
   When I am not helping students or working on programming projects, I love to spend time with my friends and go out* in Ann Arbor.

*Craft beers and live music are some personal favorites


B.S.Eng. Computer Science & Engineering - University of Michigan
I plan to graduate in December 2018


Ann Arbor, MI

(I am happy to travel absolutely anywhere)

Some things I'm good at

Through school, work, or personal pursuits, I have worked on projects - independently or as a part of a team - in many different programming languages, spanning a variety of technical skills. As a student at University of Michigan, I have become highly proficient and comfortable with C++ programming. In my technical roles outside of school, I have programmed in Java, javascript, ReactJS, and PHP. Much of the programming I have done for research has been done in Python, C, and C++. At this point in my career, I am confident enough in what I have learned to be able to quickly take on any new form of software or programming languages. Software evolves quickly, so I am always trying to learn new technologies in order to stay ahead of that change. Aside from my technical Rolodex, my most valuable skill is my persistence. I thoroughly enjoy working with and getting to know other people, plus I love speaking in front of groups.

object oriented programming

Graph Engineering Research
Object Oriented Programming
Web Applications
Data Visualization
Database Systems
Machine Learning

Software Knowledge:
mac and pc knowledge


Here are some of the ways you can get in touch with me

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