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This site provides general and specific information of apoptosis regulators by FREE and also a quick access to papers and sequences that you need.
Tables of each home page contain
column  which contains the hyper link to
protein name references for the protein 
species name (such as "human") protein sequences. (You can get the DNA sequence of the gene by jumping from the link in the protein sequence)
apoptosis, NF-kB or JNK activation references for the effect
binding partners references for the binding
3D 3D structure data
structure or motif structure functional domain or domain/motif homologies
KO references for mice lacking the protein.
gene genomic sequences
Locus OMIM or Locus link to get basic information of proteins
transcription factors or upstream regulators references for the factors which regulate the functions of the protein transcriptionally or post-transcriptionally
substrates or signals references

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