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Names of contributors in 1625 to a forced loan for the use of king Charles I.  The list comes from BL Ms.Add.11,291, and was transcribed by A.R. Bax in SAC vol.17; this segment is from p.82.  Bax's transcription is available online

[ blank ] Yirwoode of Southwarke ... ... 20
[ blank ] Broomefield of the same ... ... 20
Drew Stapley of the same ... ... ... ... 20
Edmond Morgan of the same ... ... ... 20
[ blank ] Bingham of the same ... ... ... 20

Names of debtors listed in various documents called ‘Extents for Debts’.  These names are extracted from Prof. Martha Carlin's monograph London and Southwark Inventories: A Handlist of Extents for Debts [London: University of London Centre for Metropolitan History, 1997]. 

William Crewe, alebrewer of Southwark, debtor 1576-7 [TNA, c239/43/81; Carlin p.37]. 
Andrew Vavasor, gentleman, debtor 1569-70 [TNA, c131/118/7; Carlin p.70]. 
George Lewes, yeoman, deceased; debtor (his widow inherited the debts) 1586-7 [TNA, C239/53/180 and C239/53/209; Carlin p.70]. 
Margaret Lewes, silkwoman, debtor (her deceased husband's debts) 1586-7 [TNA, C239/53/180 and C239/53/209; Carlin p.70]. 
Thomas Cure, esquire, citizen and sadler, debtor 1590-1 [TNA, c239/57/65A and C239/57/110; Carlin p.71]. 
Edward Fowle, gentleman, debtor 1590-1 [TNA, c239/57/149; Carlin p.71]. 
Francis ‘Rubyan’ (perhaps Ruby), merchant of Southwark, debtor 1614-15 [TNA, c239/83/64 and C239/83/89; Carlin p.72]. 
Edward Hatton, vintner of St Saviour, debtor 1620-1 [TNA, c239/88/124 and c239/88/127; Carlin pp.72-3]. 
Robert Cole, clothier of Southwark, debtor 1622-3 [TNA, c239/90/87; Carlin p.73].