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A bundle of twenty-eight documents, all but one on paper.  The documents are in good condition and are legible.  They were once filed together, but the join has broken and the original order has probably been disturbed.  The previous numbering has now been replaced, and the documents have been arranged alphabetically by county, and within each county by hundred, and then in date order.  This may not reflect the original order of the piece, but makes for ease of reference.  Entries for St Saviour are on fo.43 and for St Thomas on fo.44.  Only names from St Saviour are included here.  Further details.  All but the last two items are dated certificates of residence explicitly relating to the second collection (first collection of the second subsidy) of four subsidies granted to Elizabeth I in 1601, many of which appear to relate to members of the Queen's Chamber and Household and are endorsed with a note to this effect.  The final two documents are a certificate of double-valuation and a certificate of non-distraint for the same grant and collection, both dated, for members of the Royal Household. 

  St Saviour