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A paper auditor's book of 62 folios.  The book is undated, but was apparently compiled over a period of time, and by a number of different scribes.  It contains various dated references, the latest of which is dated 7 October 1626, but this was added later to an earlier entry.  The main text of the book was probably completed around June 1626.  Its main concern is the collection of three taxes granted during the reigns of James I and Charles I.  Parts of the book are currently in a poor condition, and some of the outer pages are damaged.  But the majority of the book is intact and legible, and it effectively contains copies of various records of payments made into the Exchequer by the collectors for named regions for all payments of these three taxes; the three subsidies granted to James I in 1624; the three fifteenths and tenths granted to James In the same year; and the two subsidies granted to Charles I in 1625.  The book is arranged roughly chronologically, but since some payments clearly arrived late, the entries for each collection do not necessarily appear together, and the entries for the two Jacobean taxes, which were collected concurrently, are intermingled.  Entries for the borough of Southwark appear on ff.10v and 18r.  Further details