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A single parchment sheet, a schedule of persons in Southwark, including St Saviour, who defaulted on the first payment of the subsidy granted in the parliament of 28 and 29 Elizabeth  I (1586-7).  In the document the subcollectors attest they were unable to collect the amounts assessed against named persons, who had either died, left the borough or had ‘assigned or purveyed’ their goods away in a ‘prive or coverte manner’.  The dating clause of the certificate has only been partially filled in with the regnal year 30 Elizabeth I.  It is unlikely to have been written before that first payment was due (on 12 February 1588), and must have been written by the last day of that regnal year (16 November 1588).  The document includes names from St Saviour (including Clink Liberty and Paris Garden), St Olave, St Thomas, and St George.  Only names from St Saviour are included here.  Further details

  St Saviour