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A single parchment sheet, a schedule of defaulters.  This document, certified by the tax commissioners, expressly relates to the levy in the borough of Southwark of the second payment of the subsidy granted in 8 Elizabeth I (1566) and is dated 16 February 11 Elizabeth I (1569).  In most cases, the reason for non-payment is given ('poore', 'gonne' or 'deade').  Further details

  St Saviour  

Englishmen and the queen's majesty's servants
Rafe Cundyff in fee   £43
Robert Woodward   £10
James Pennyule   £10
John Thomas   £10
Richard Trentum poor   £8
Henry Harper poor   £3
Richard Peveryll gone   £3
Richard Humfre poor   £3
Robert Bradle poor   £3
Matthew Smythe poor   £3
Albery Gyttams poor   £3
John Blyton gone   £3
Joan Baggar poor   £10
Anthony Wisum poor   £3
William Turner poor   £3
John Johnson in fee gone   £9
Strangers of St Saviour parish
Lyberd Johnson gone   £3, 1 poll
Walter Willyams dead   £3
[blank] Davyson gone   £3, 1 poll
Armon Tyres gone   20
Harmond Peterson and his wife gone   iiijd
William Jacobson and his wife gone   iiijd
Jerebrand and his wife gone   iiijd
Warner Tyson and his wife gone   iiijd
Davy Johnson and Anthony Johnson   iiijd
Adrian Vanloke   ijd
Henrik Heysbeke   ijd
Cornelius Vanderboyes and 2 polls   vjd
Edward Famyshynge gone   ijd
Harry Haynnys gone   xxs
The Clink
John Burnett poor   ijd
John Levyn poor   ijd
Davy Lyon poor   ijd
Andrew Storley gone   ijd
Thomas Raynolds gone   ijd
James Clyppyn gone   ijd
William Caske gone   ijd
John Atkyns gone   ijd
Tyce Fonnett gone   ijd
John Gyllum   ijd
Michael Vanclere and his wife   iiijd