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A parchment roll of three membranes.  The certificate, dated 1 July 1559, relates this assessment of Southwark residents to the first payment of the subsidy granted to Elizabeth I in her first regnal year.  Few assessment for this subsidy payment survive: the only other roll of assessment for this payment in any of the five counties so far indexed is E 179/185/283, the assessment for Brixton hundred.  Although the statute set down 24 June 1559 as the due date for this payment, both these assessments were compiled in July 1559 (well after the original date for the first payment), both were returned into the Exchequer in August, and both cite 1 September 1559 as the due payment date.  It seems likely therefore that the payment date was later amended.  A return date of 11 August 1559 is endorsed on membrane 1.  Further details