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Documents on this site are reproduced by kind permission of the Chapter of Southwark Cathedral, the London Metropolitan Archives, The National Archives, the Parliamentary Archives, the British Library, and the Hampshire Record Office. 

  Parish Documents  
Foundation of the Parish
Views of Inmates
Views of New Buildings
Parochial Presentments
  The Church  
Ministers and Preachers
Parish Clerks
Other Parish Workers
Minutes of the Vestry:   1557-1581 (attendees);   1582-1628 (attendees)
Token Books   (searchable)
Glossary of Clerical Terms
  The Free School  
The Charter
Governors' Account Book
Schoolmasters, Ushers
Depositions re Cross House in Chequer Alley (1585)

  Other Documents  
Wills of Parishioners (in process);   Indexes to Wills (in process)
Lay Subsidies (in process); Certificates of Residence (in process)
Presentments, Sewer Commission (incomplete)
Trades and Vocations (in process)
Musters (in process)
Miscellany (in process)
Reading List (in process)