William Ingram
    Professor Emeritus
    Department of English
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor MI 48109-1003  

    E-mail: ingram@umich.edu

              B.A. with honors, Grinnell College;
              M.A. with honors, Columbia University;
              Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.
      Primary Interests: early modern London; its economics and history; its high and popular culture; its professional entertainers.
      Secondary Interests: early English manuscripts; chancery and secretary hands; transcription.
      Current Project: in collaboration with Prof Alan H Nelson of UC Berkeley, a website incorporating all available documents of the parish of St Saviour in Southwark, almost all of them previously untranscribed and unedited, including the parish's sacramental token books, now searchable.  The parish is centrally important in the history of London theater in the early modern period, but our website is also usable for other kinds of social and demographic research.  [for the site, see www.umich.edu/~ingram/StSaviour]
      Selected Publications:
  • "John Cholmley on the Bankside", Early Theatre 15:2 (2012);
  • "Early Modern Theatre History: where we are now, how we got here, where we go next", introductory essay to A Handbook on Early Modern Theatre, ed. Richard Dutton (Oxford University Press, 2009);
  • "The Real Misfortunes of Arthur; Or, Not Making It on the Elizabethan Stage", Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England 16 (2003), 32-38;
  • England, 1530-1642, volume 7 in the series The Theatre in Europe: Documents and Sources, in collaboration with Glynne Wickham and Herbert Berry (Cambridge University Press, 2001);
  • "Laurence Dutton, Stage Player: Missing and Presumed Lost", Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England 14 (2001);
  • "The Economics of Playing", in A Companion to Shakespeare, ed. David Scott Kastan (Columbia University Press, 1998);
  • "The Future of the Theatrical Past", Shakespeare Quarterly 48 (1997) 215-225;
  • The Business of Playing: the beginnings of the adult professional theatre in Elizabethan London (Cornell University Press, 1992);
  • A London Life in the Brazen Age: Francis Langley, 1548-1602 (Harvard University Press, 1978);
  • A Concordance to John Milton's English Poetry (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1972).

Last modified: 1 October 2014